Wellness Pointe’s executive team works in tandem with the medical staff to ensure excellent service and to meet the needs of our patients, funding sources, and all other stakeholders. Wellness Pointe is dedicated to serving all people of the region, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Dr. Annette Okpeki serves as the Medical Director of Wellness Pointe and provides leadership and management for all health system clinicians, both full-time and contractual.


Chief Medical OfficerAnnette Okpeki, MDLongview Main
PediatricianJeffrey Sewell, MDLongview South
PediatricianSonja Edmonds, MDLongview/Pine Tree
PediatricianRichard Joos, MDLongview/Pine Tree
Family Nurse PractitionerKim Prince, FNPLongview Main
Nurse PractitionerDonna Britton, FNP-CLongview Main
Nurse PractitionerJocelan Ramsey, RN, CPNPGilmer Clinic

Obstetrics & Gynecology

OB/GYNRoy McClintock, MDWomen’s Health Center at Tyler
OB/GYNVanessa Neiman, MDZeid Longview
OB/GYNEbenezer Nii-Moi, MDZeid Longview
OB/GYNChristopher N. Mason MD, FACOGNortheast Texas Women’s Health
OB/GYNJohn Shum MDLongview Main
OB/GYNMelissa Slovak-Tucker MD, FACOGNortheast Texas Women’s Health
OB/GYNFrancis Tibiletti, MDLongview/Pine Tree
OB/GYNJames Dozier, MDLongview Main
OB/GYNRalph J. Turner, M.D.Women’s Health Center at Tyler
Certified Nurse MidwifeGabrielle Misenheimer, CNMZeid Longview
Certified Nurse MidwifeBeth Shireman, CNMLongview Main
Certified Nurse MidwifeDana L. Shields MSN, RN, CNMNortheast Texas Women’s Health
Certified Nurse MidwifePaige Gilliam, CNMLongview/Pine Tree
Certified Nurse MidwifeKelly Royce, CNMZeid Longview
Physician AssistantKristy Nealy, PAZeid Longview
Family Nurse PractitionerJenny Skiles, FNPWomen’s Health Center at Tyler
Family Nurse PractitionerCarin Wallace, FNPWomen’s Health Center at Tyler
Women's Health Nurse PractitionerBrooke Simmons, MSNWomen’s Health Center at Tyler
Family Nurse PractitionerTiffany Gardner, FNPZeid Longview
Women's Health Nurse PractitionerLaura Childress, FNPZeid Longview
Family Nurse PractitionerMonica Mason, FNPLongview Main

Family Medicine

General PractitionerRamon Villafria, MDLongview Main
General PractitionerPhilip Scott Hunter, MDGilmer Clinic
Physician AssistantRandy Moore, PA-CLongview Main
Family Nurse PractitionerAngela Fritz, FNPNortheast Texas Family Health
Family Nurse PractitionerGloria Salazar Gray, FNPKilgore Clinic
Nurse PractitionerJulia Russell, FNP-CLongview South
Nurse PractitionerMarcy HallKilgore Clinic
Nurse PractitionerMarcus Turney, FNP-CLongview South
Nurse PractitionerMeagan McDonald, AGNP-C, IFMCPLongview Main

Family Dentistry

DentistJennifer Smith, DDSLongview Main
DentistRaymond Barron, DDSLongview Main
Dental HygienistBritney Roberts, RDHLongview Main
Dental HygienistSarah Norris, RDHLongview Main
Dental HygienistArely Valdez, RDHLongview Main


OptomitristMark Little, ODLongview Main
OptometristCharlene Carter, ODLongview Main

Behavioral Health

PsychologistDeborah Gleaves, PhD, RPTLongview Main
Psychiatric Nurse PractitionerTracy Taylor, PNPLongview Main
Licensed Professional CounselorBrenda Jennings, LPCLongview Main
Licensed Professional CounselorEmili Lim, LPCLongview Main
Licensed Professional CounselorTom Logan, LPCLongview Main
Licensed Chemical Dependency CounselorLouis Johnston, QCC, LCDCLongview Main
Licensed Chemical Dependency CounselorKrystal Fetting, LCDCLongview Main