Introducing our new InteliChart Patient Portal

WellnessPointe is improving our patient experience! With our new PatientPortal, you can access your health information easily online from wherever you are, all in one place. When you sign up for an InteliChart PatientPortal account, you can fill out your forms online before your visit, quickly access your medical records, track upcoming appointments, and much more!

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If you have already registered with the new InteliChart PatientPortal, you can login directly to access your account. If you have not registered, please continue with the steps below.

How to Sign Up

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Having trouble with the portal? Call our InteliChart Help Desk: 903-758-2610

Why register? With our InteliChart PatientPortal, you can easily communicate with your provider, get lab results, check the location and time of your appointments, see your medical records and more. It’s easy to sign up!